Single-Page Applications (SPA), Websites and Cross-Platform Applications developed in ANGULARJS by our team of specialized ANGULARJS developers at 'Expertinasia' perform up to the mark.


AngularJS Development

With hands-on expertise in using Angular directives to build new HTML syntax and reusable components to design a dynamic Model-View-Controller (MVC) based single page (SPA), Expertinasiacan offer AngularJS development services across industries and sectors. Our experienced AngularJS developers take leverage of the latest, cutting-edge resources, tools, and technologies to deliver custom and cost-effective end-to-end AngularJS development solutions. From eCommerce and marketplace applications to social media networking applications, we cover a range of AngularJS development services.

AngularJS Development Services

Using our solid expertise in mobile app development, our team will help you create effortless and engaging experiences on any device.

AngularJS Mobile App Development
Our AngularJS developers use optimum directives to create HTML tags for your mobile applications. At Expertinasia we build straightforward and flexible applications with modern highlights considering intricate business requirements for assorted industry verticals. Our track record of building fully functional mobile applications that are secure, engaging and easy to maintain lets us make full utilization of forefront devices and the most recent advances to provide best-in-class AngularJS development services.

Custom AngularJS Development
No two businesses are the same. Every business has unique requirements based on its objectives and goals to achieve for which they require custom solutions provider who can offer flexible, cost-effective and scalable AngularJS development services. Partnering with a reliable AngularJS development company, you will be able to get your hands on highly customizable and scalable Angular application development solutions.

AngularJS PWA Development
Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are an excellent way to offer your users an engaging and interactive mobile-friendly user experience. We, at Expertinasia, have years of experience and industry expertise in Angular PWA development. Our dedicated app development team uses the latest methods and tools to provide the best possible solution that matches your business requirements and needs. Talk to our experts today to know how you can get a native app-like working website.

Benefits of AngularJS
The primary goal of the AngularJS framework is to help develop single-page applications by creating all the interactive elements that a normal website has. Some of the big brands that are using AngularJS are Amazon, Udemy, Netflix, Gmail and Paypal.

Multiple Platforms
Once an application is built using AngularJS, the same code can be reused to develop any application for any other platform. One code of the AngularJS framework works for mobile, web, native desktop and native mobile apps.

Powerful Framework
AngularJS offers a quick front-end development. Its multiple features such as MVC pattern, dependency injection, directives, etc. make it a robust solution for any kind of application for any device and platform.

Angular CLI
Angular's Command Line Tools assists in speeding up the implementation process. It enables quick implementation and project testing. The test data can be passed to capture the output with much ease.

Declarative Templates
Using declarative templates, AngularJS swiftly builds features. Developers can easily extend templates' languages with their own components which makes it possible to utilize a variety of components.

Industries We Serve
Expertinasia offers end-to-end AngularJS application solutions across industries. Our clients get custom applications that are highly extensible, readable and spontaneous and are developed by our experienced AngularJS developers.

  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • Education
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Food Delivery
  • Sports
  • Social Networking