Nitin Ray

Founder CEO


The founder and the CEO of Expertinaisa Pvt. Ltd.. Nitin Ray is one of the most amazing and talented personalities in our group.

He keeps the team together, motivate us at the time high and early deliveries, keep us productive and indeed he keeps the work environment cool and calm. He serves in Expertinaisa. with his utmost sincerity and has a more than 18+ experience in the IT industry.

He is a specialist in Linux, a most used open source operating system network and a window server administrator, that basically maintains the whole server and IT infrastructure so they can run or works smoothly.

The server includes Apache, MYSQL, FTP, SMB, SSH, Nodejs, IPTables in Linux and ADS, DNS, IIS7, MSSQL and FTP in windows.

As a server administrator, he also provides high-level networking and server-level support to all global and local clients. And lastly, also help in managing and controlling web hosting for Linux and windows for our clients.

He delivers better recommendations for the improvement of a company. He is credible for the whole network security area, and if there is any problem arises then he troubleshoots all the issues over the network.

He helps in renewing and documenting the company security and the changes that gonna made there and after. And provide full technical support to all our team members and our clients.

And also help in the nitty-gritty of the designing and formulating part of the company.