Founder CTO


The CTO and founder of Expertinaisa and a super tremendous mother, Rajkumari Parihar Ray is another amazing personality on the team. With an experience of 10+ years in a field of the software industry and has great expertise in the mobile and app development field.

She also has a great knowledge of building apps on google android, apple iOS, Microsoft's windows and phone platforms.

She helps in overseeing the technology and development work for all the clients and helps in understanding all the technology needs in a company and trying to fulfill them.

She represents the company as a brand by doing full potential work on research and development needs.

She is the technical director who helps clients to create and execute the strategic plan around the service, she puts all the required resources around the table to make the work smooth, she leads the team to put the plan into actual action and lastly, she manages the clients and helps them by fulfilling all her requirement to develop or create an amazing app, website or software.

As a wonderful CTO, her basic and top requirements are to keep the report and manage all the technical and personnel technology infrastructure, integrate systems and management and do technical operations.

She also has a great command over the languages like Mobile Native and Hybrid Apps, ReactJS, AngularJS, NextJs and many more.